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 Therapy Center 

Our rehabilitation therapy program is designed to help people make the transition from hospital to home following accident, illness or surgery. With one-on-one therapy services, we specialize in conditions such as strokes, hand therapy, orthopedic fractures, chronic and acute pain, amputations, strength training after a hospital stay, communication deficits and swallowing disorders. We've recently added a 2,600 sq. ft. rehabilitation gym featuring the latest strength-training equipment plus a kitchen, bathroom and laundry area where our patients practice life skills.

The Rehab You Want.

The Outcome You Deserve.

The St. Andrews Rehabilitation Center offers individualized care plans designed to meet the needs of each patient from admission through discharge. We have therapists onsite and available seven days a week offering physical, occupational and speech therapy.  Our experienced team follows physician-prescribed treatment orders designed to restore individuals to their highest level of function. We specialize in conditions such as orthopedic fractures, hand therapy, strokes, acute and chronic pain, amputations, strength training after a hospital stay, communication deficits and swallowing disorders. Other programs offered include fall prevention, handling incontinence issues and pain management.

We offer:

  • Outstanding Facilities: Enjoy our updated facilities with all private rooms for patients, a separate dining area where they can choose to share meals with others going through similar circumstances and a rehabilitation gym that includes special geriatric weight equipment.

  • Specially Trained Staff: Our staff of licensed therapists offers one-on-one physical, occupational and speech therapy. We use a physician-prescribed treatment program in order to help individuals regain their highest level of function.

  • Positive Outcomes: We have a proven record of positive outcomes for our rehabilitation patients. In most cases, they are able to return home and get back to their daily routine.

  • Compassionate Care: St. Andrews Healthcare is committed to compassionate care. We treat our patients with respect, appreciation, and compassion.

 Our Rehabilitation Services 

St. Andrews Healthcare treats a wide range of patients transitioning from hospital to home. Treatment and length of stay varies depending on the illness, injury or medical condition. Let us help you or your loved one through recovery after a hospital stay.

Our areas of treatment expertise include:

Cardiac Care

Oncology Care

Speech Therapy

Dementia Care

Orthopedic & Joint Care

Stroke & Neurological Care

Diabetic Care

Physical Therapy

Vestibular Rehabilitation

Dysphagia (Swallowing)

Pulmonary Care

Wound Care


Our recently renovated dining room offers a spacious and relaxed dining experience for our residents and their families. Guests are invited to purchase a meal and dine with their loved ones. Residents can also choose to dine in their room.

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