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No one describes the St. Andrews Healthcare experience better than our very own residents and their families. Our mission is to provide the highest quality of care for our residents, treating them with respect and dignity.

Old Lady

"Thank you for the love and compassion shown to our mom, Doris Carmichael and for the wonderful care and support you provided for her through the years. We appreciate you so much!"

Alan and Julie Carmichael

Old Lady

“I fell at home and I needed therapy to make my legs stronger. I like the therapists--they’re very caring. YOu can tell they care about their patients. I worked on my leg muscles to regain strength and walk again. I also have been working on my hand and arm strength. They’re really nice. The nurses are wonderful. I get really good care from them. It’s a really nice facility. We do arts & crafts and Wii bowling. I like to go outside. The food is good and I’ve made quite a few friends here. They’re very accommodating.”

Debbie Shaw

Old Lady

“I’m working to getting my strength back in my arms and legs. I was in the hospital for a while and needed to build up my strength. I like the therapists--they’re nice. They really want to help us get better. I like it here. They’re friendly and do everything they can for you. If I want to go home with my daughters, I can go visit them and then come back. I’ve made a lot of friends here. I play bingo, cards and dominoes. My daughters have asked me to come live with them but I like the people here and I choose to be here.”

Wilma Franklin

Old Lady

“I’ve been getting therapy for my arms and legs. When I got here, I wasn’t able to move at all and they helped me get my strength back in my abs and now I can sit up. They’ve helped me learn to feed myself again and to start to walk again after my stroke. I’m getting stronger every week. St. Andrews is a good place to be--it really is. I like it. The care is really good. It’s a very clean space. I’ve made a lot of friends here. They have Bingo and Wii games. They give the residents birthday parties with cake and ice cream. They do your hair and nails and give pedicures. I like to go outside here when the weather is nice. They’ll let you leave and go visit your family. I think everyone knows me here. It makes you feel like home--they are so friendly.”

Debra Wells

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