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 Living Center 

St. Andrews Healthcare strives to provide patients with a home-like environment while keeping them safe and promoting their well-being.


Nursing Care

We provide a full range of 24-hour nursing services with physician oversight. These include a restorative nursing program, therapeutic whirlpool and spa program and wound and skin care. We also offer transportation and assistance to local medical appointments for residents.


St. Andrews Healthcare offers a wide variety of activities designed to keep residents active and engaged. For example, residents enjoy book time presented by the local library, performances by the local drama club, pie socials, a resident garden, religious services and more. We also have an active Resident Council that meets monthly to pick upcoming activities, choose a Resident of the Month and discuss menus with the dietary manager.

Additional Resident Benefits:
  • Bible studies

  • Manicures

  • Music therapy

  • Pet therapy

  • Bingo

  • Birthday/holiday celebrations

  • Cooking club socials

  • Outings to local restaurants

Family Involvement

Families play a key role in helping their loved ones adjust to life at St. Andrews Healthcare. One way to make the experience more positive and comfortable is, of course, to visit regularly and spend quality time together. Try to incorporate things your loved one has long enjoyed doing. For example, if he enjoyed reading, start a book together that can be read aloud one chapter at a time. If she loved perusing the newspaper every day, make sure her subscription is continued. Most of all, enjoy the time spent with your loved one. And remember, if you have to miss a visit, a meaningful phone call or letter will be well received, too.

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